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    Jun 20, 2008
    Hi users from this forum [ ]
    It's my first post and i have to ask sorry for writing with some errors probably because of my bad english :/ I'll try to write the best way possible...to see if someone could help me with my doubt.
    So...recently i bought one Macbook and for use one especific software i'd have to install Windows XP in Leopard with VMware fusion. Tu use the internet i have wireless conection by wireless. The problem is that because of the type of conection on Vmware by NAT (and the others) i can use my software :/ The soft that i'm telling is one soft to control my others Pc's on my job.
    I noticed the IP on Leopard and next i noticed on XP and the Ip's were not the same :/ And i think that to use my Soft i will have to make them equal. Above i put two pictures to the users see what i'm saying. In Windows Xp i only want to use the internet with this propose so...even if i can use IE or other software because i've changed IP to use this specific Software I don't care.



    I've already did the port fowarding on my router to use the soft and he worked perfectly on Based Windows Pc's. Now i want to use it in Vmware. I think that the solution it's to put the same conection configuration that i have in Leopard on Vmware...but the experts are you guys :p
    I hope that my explication was enough good to users understand it and them help me. I accept all type of ideas and solutions.

    Ps:If someone can help me...please try to make the explication easy for me to understand if possible :p Like a procedure or something else :) Thanks again
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    Mar 19, 2008
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    The easiest way to go (if I understand your problem correctly) would be to just switch VMWare from using the NAT network type to Bridge. In Bridge mode the VM will appear to be a separate machine on your local network instead of being handed a NAT address from VMWare's software. This can be changed in the network prefs for your VM.

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