MP 1,1-5,1 VMWare Fusion no more on MacPro5,1


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Aug 3, 2017
I wanted to let everyone know that Vmware Fusion 12 does not run on a MacPro5,1 anymore, due to the lack of XSave instructions on the CPU & VMware not wanting to support older hardware.

I had VMware Fusion Tech Preview (Fusion 12 Beta) running on Big Sur Beta 2 running great, but upon upgrade to Big Sur Beta 10 it no longer works (vmmon kext won't load) and the official Fusion 12 doesn't work either.

If we could investigate to find out what the best version of Big Sur Beta is that still works with VMware Fusion Preview, but isn't plagued with other issues like stuck using the VMM flag or SMB being broken, that might be of interest to the community. Alternatively if we could get VMWare to offer an alternative for us on the MacPro5,1 that would also be great.
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Aug 3, 2017
VMWare Fusion 12 & VMWare Fusion Technical Preview both had free personal use licenses.

It looks like I may have been running the DirectX 11 technical preview (June) rather than the Big Sur Technical Preview (July). I am going to be testing 11.5.6, 12.0.0, and both technical previews on a couple of the Big Sur betas to see what is the best functionality I get, starting with Beta 6.

Here are the different Big Sur developer beta's and what issues exist with them for me:
  1. n/a
  2. Can't connect to iPhone on iOS 14
  3. n/a
  4. n/a
  5. n/a
  6. Testing Now
  7. VMM Required
  8. VMM Required
  9. Hardware Accel Broken
  10. VMWare Fusion Tech Preview Broken
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Apr 15, 2004
VMWare has been switching over to using Apple's Hypervisor user Big Sur, which is not likely to be maintained by Apple for hardware that is not officially supported. Not likely there is anything that could be done to fix it on the VMWare end, unless maybe you try forcing the VMWare HyperVisor kext to work again.

Parallels will likely run into the same problem, as will VirtualBox and all the others that will be forced onto the Apple HyperVisor.
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