VMWare Fusion...Suspend or Shutdown


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Aug 7, 2007
I apologize for the newbie question but I'm new to the virtualization stuff having just bought my first mac. I still have to run Windows stuff for work so wanted to know if it's fine to suspend XP all the time or do I need to shutdown on occasion. I'm used to needing to restart a Windows machine after a few days of usage. Just wondering if the same applies...seems that it would, but wanted to hear from those more experienced.



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Oct 31, 2006
It would just be like hibernating. You probably should restart every so often, at least if you feel a slowdown. Also note, to suspend it takes up as much hard drive space as you have allocated for RAM in the virtual machine.


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Sep 28, 2006
it is pretty much the same with windows as it is the os & not the hardware that is the issue. suspend everyday & reboot every couple of times should do the trick.

rebuild at least once a year should make it a better os :)

just kidding ... NOT! :D


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May 24, 2007
I'm a recent Mac switcher, and I also have a lot of Windows applications that I still need to run. I use VMWare Fusion with an XP virtual machine. I highly recommend shutting down and restarting when necessary. Suspending the virtual machine is just asking for trouble, especially if network mounts and open files are involved. I don't even trust the sleep feature on the Mac... I've had it completely lock up my new Macbook Pro two times in one month.