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Jun 23, 2007
I use bootcamp for Windows XP Professional, but I think it's best to get VMware too for quick access for some files in windows XP

so, I just bought VMware Fusion. The problem starts after installing.

After installing, I then clicked Boot Camp Partition since I already installed Windows XP on a seperate partition of the hard drive...

then all of a sudden (while windows was loading), blue screen of death.
I tried numerious solutions online, such as reinstalling, doing the microsoft registry merge thing, changing the .vmx log from TRUE to FALSE

but it wont do ANYTHING.
Need help!


This is the problem!


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Original poster
Jun 23, 2007
when I run bootcamp, it runs perfectly

The only things I have on the windows partition are games from Steam, Call of Duty 4, Starcraft, Ventrilo and MSN messenger...


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Feb 10, 2008
Is there anyway you can uninstall what you've done and start over?

Maybe use Time Machine?


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Mar 8, 2008
Hey mate, I had the same problem...

I tried 4 times to get the thing right.... but only got the same BSOD with the same code as you every time.
Did you have all the high priority Windows updates installed before you started with the VMware install?
After reading this thread.......

I then did the boot camp partition, installed windows XP, installed the Apple drivers, installed all the high priority Windows XP updates (about 94 of them) then shut down windows and installed VMware.
Everything ran perfect from then on.
I hope it can fix your problem too.
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