VMware not allowing Blackberry to connect

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by skwij, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Apr 10, 2006
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    I'm running XPpro and Vista Ultimate in VM. As much as I hate Windoze, I have to use it to update the OS of the Blackberry, and to have a good backup of the phone.

    The Mac options (Missing Sync and PocketMac) for syncing and backing up and application installation are just not good enough or stable enough for me. I've not had the phone long, and haven't used Windoze in the virtual environment much before this.


    Here's my problem. In both Vista and XP, I get the USB icons on the lower right of the window, with the option to "connect RIM device" but nothing happens when I click that. Opening the Desktop Manager software shows NONE when listing devices. I've run VMware tools over and over again, for both versions of Windoze. The Blackberry will NOT connect!

    I thought I had it last night in the Vista install, as the device was seen, connected, and getting the latest device drivers. After the device drivers were installed, Nada. Again with the inability of Windows to connect to the BB, or even see it.

    I've installed Desktop Manager 4.3 from the disk, downloaded 4.6 from the BB site, and still no joy.

    Restarted/rebooted each Windoze VM multiple times, restarted VMware multiple times, and even rebooted the Macbook multiple times.

    All other hardware works fine, ie the Superdrive. I have NOT tested the iPod Touch or the iPhone in the Windoze environment.

    Running VMware 1.1.1 and am not eligible for a FREE upgrade.

    Just in case this is pertinent, I do have a 4GB microSD card in the BB.

    What's the deal here? How do I get Windoze to "see" the BB, so that I can use the Desktop Manager software?

    Thanks for any help. I'm usually pretty tech-savvy, but this has me stumped.
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    Apr 10, 2006
    Belleville, ON, Canada
    Just an update.

    I logged into Windows today to transfer the DM and the new BB OS to a thumb drive to take to a friend's, who runs a Win PC. Lo and behold, the BB showed up, and was able to connect once I inserted the thumb drive into the second USB port.

    Odd, but hey, I'm good with it. Got the BB backed up just fine, but didn't have an hour and a half to do the OS install and restore of the 3rd party apps.

    Oh, and just a FYI, I didn't bootcamp my install of either Windoze install; it's ALL via VMware Fusion.

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