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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by ryanflucas, Jan 8, 2008.

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    I have a question for those of you using a MacBook Pro and one of the Windows virtual machine type apps out there (VMWare/Parallels/Bootcamp). Does your program of choice "see" the dedicated video on your system? I haven't decided if I want a MacBook or MacBook Pro yet, but having that dedicated video, even just the 128MB would be nice, as I'm expecting to continue to using Windows 25% of the time.

    If I could run XP/Vista and have it utilize the dedicated video, it may be a much better point for me to get a Pro.


    P.S. - I work as a independent IT Consultant. I am slowly moving over entirely to the Mac platform. I currently own a PowerMacG3 and a PowerMac G4 so I'm not new to Mac, just new to having a brand new one.
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    I have a MacBook (late 2006 model) with a BootCamp partition of Windows XP Pro. When installing the BootCamp drivers the Windows Machine sets up your video card for this OS.
    I also use Parallels Desktop 3.0 to run my BootCamp partition for navigating to some IE dependent websites and to run MSN Messenger, but I'm not sure how the video is handled.

    I suggest you to wait a little bit to see what is the outcome of the MacWorld event next week, a lot of rumors are around that both line of products will get updated.

    Either way I would prefer to go with the MacBook Pro because it will have a better video card, and it seems that it's very important to your user experience.

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