vmware shared folder keeps appearing on desktop

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    searched to no avail.

    like the title says, whenever i fire up xp64 through vmware, the shared folder icon keeps popping up on the desktop. i've deleted it several times and after every restart it's there without fail. i want the shared folders themselves active, but the icon is just cluttering my screen up. how do i prevent this from happening?
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    AFAIK, you don't. With Shared Folders active, the share gets placed there on connection to the host.

    Have you tried unchecking Shared Folders but Mirroring your Desktop? Or is that worse from your perspective?
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    ah, that sucks. it's hardly anything to worry about, i'm just hopelessly ocd about things like this. :p
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    With Finder active, click on Finder in the upper left of your screen and choose preferences. Under preferences and under "show these items on the desktop" uncheck connected servers. Boom.
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    Sorry to bump an old thread (deal with it), but Google points me here when looking for a solution.

    VMware keeps adding the "VMware Shared Folders" shortcut to my Desktop. Over and over and over.

    It's not needed. Shared folders work fine without it. There is even a mapped drive letter (two levels of access!) - I don't need a third.

    I don't want to turn off sharing, I just want the redundant shortcut to stop appearing.

    Apparently you can just edit the VMX file and change/add this line:

    hgfs.linkRootShare = "FALSE"
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