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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by r0k, Aug 6, 2011.

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    Mar 3, 2008
    I use iTap VNC and after I installed Lion, it stopped working. :confused: The developer issued an update a few days later and the login worked but I couldn't click on anything. I spent days emailing back and forth with the developer and they couldn't reproduce the problem. I read forum after forum with users complaining about various VNC clients that stopped working under Lion but were all working again.

    I came this close to coughing up $20 for "Screens" because so many users said it was working. I also found a forum post that said some "encodings" changed with Lion and I tried them to no avail...
    ZRLE: enabled
    Tight: DISABLED
    Zlib: enabled
    ZlibHex: DISABLED
    Hextile: DISABLED
    CoRRE: enabled
    RRE: enabled
    Raw: enabled

    Just for grins, I went to Screens support site to see if anybody was having the problem I was having. Sure enough somebody was. People with multiple monitors were seeing the cursor 500 pixels off. This led to the same "can't click" problem I was having. The fix was to swap monitors so that the internal monitor was on the left. I swapped position of my monitors and now I could click but my clicks were still 50 pixels off on the screen vs what I was seeing on my iPhone. Lastly I unplugged the external monitor altogether. Now everything works again (if you consider doing without my nice external monitor "working"). :rolleyes:

    If you are using a VNC client to control your Mac from an iPhone or iPad and it stopped working there are two issues to look into. First there is the login change in Lion that broke all non-Apple VNC clients. You will need an updated VNC client. Second there is a BUG in Lion that affects cursor position on systems with multiple monitors. Hopefully 10.7.1 is coming to fix this soon. Until then, I gotta unplug my second monitor for VNC to work properly with my Macbook. :(
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    I had the can login issue but can't click on anything until Mocha VNC updated for Lion. Now it works fine. I don't have any multiple monitor Macs though.

    Good heads up.
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    Aug 16, 2011
    10.7.1 fixed my macmini

    Just wanted to give an update. 10.7.1 has fixed my VNC issue with multi monitors running on a core i5 2.5 macmini....

    Just do the update and let me know, i currently use Desktop & iTap for my iPad to connect to my OSX Lion:D

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