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Discussion in 'macOS Sierra (10.12)' started by brentsg, Mar 13, 2017.

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    Since Apple doesn't want to give us a new Mac Pro, I'm trying to move my 2010 MP to a storage room. Unfortunately there are some apps that I've not managed to replace just yet, and I need to access years worth of Adium logs from time to time.

    The new workstation is running Win10, and I've yet to find a VNC solution that doesn't force to to stare at my current 3440x1440 MP desktop via a 1024x768 (or similar) window.

    How the heck do I screen share my MP with full resolution? They'll be on the same gigabit network so bandwidth shouldn't be a serious issue.
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    Does that let me scale to a window while maintaining aspect ratio? I did find that RealVNC lets me do what I want, but it's a subscription with features I don't need.

    I think I just had bad luck with the initial free choices I used. I don't mind buying software either, but hate the idea of paying annually for something I use on occasion.

    With RealVNC I can have it scale my remote desktop to fit the window I create. It avoids the issue where the 2 machines' resolutions match exactly so I can't see the dock b/c it's covered with similar Windows things on the local machine.

    Edit: Ugh now I'm getting the dreaded black screen when I connect to the Mac.

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