Voice Memos app and iTunes driving me crazy! Any help?


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Oct 17, 2015
I'm currently on an iMac 2019 running Mojave and an iPhone SE on 13.3.1, having huge issues with Voice Memos. Maybe someone can help me?

Over the last 6 years, from switching between several computers, phones, and installations, my Voice Memos have been duplicated time and time again thanks to iTunes (talking each memo having at least two or three duplicates in my iTunes library). Because of this I wanted to make the switch away from iTunes for voice memo syncing and instead to iClous. So I set Voice Memos to sync from my phone to iCloud as well as started a brand new iTunes library. The memos synced to iCloud off my phone just fine.

Since it's easier doing large tasks on a computer I dedicated an entire day to deleting the duplicates (nearly 1,000!) and naming them all through the (crappy) MacOS Voice Memos app.

But two problems exist:
It's been a couple days since I cleaned up my voice memos through the Mac app and they still haven't synced over to my other devices. I don't know now if they will.
And... Even with a new iTunes library, and "Sync Voice Memos" turned off... they're still syncing out of my phone and into my iTunes music library. And they still play with my music when I play music (isn't that the siliest thing? Jamming to music while people are over and suddenly it goes to a ****** recording of you playing ukulele LOL).

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm wondering if I'll either have to upgrade to Catalina to get them to sync from my computer to phone or restore my phone so it'll stop friggin syncing them into my music library. Thx!