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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Michael73, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Feb 27, 2007
    As a project manager for a large international website redesign I've been asked to audio record all our meetings. All the meetings are taking place via conference call on my iPhone.

    Right now I've got a really crazy set up so I'm looking for ways to streamline and optimize.

    Thus far I've found that if I use the headphone out on my iPhone to my MP line in and then pump the sound out via line out to my old Monsoon 2.1 speakers I get decent sound...better than say using the speakerphone of the iPhone itself.

    I'm using a Blue Yeti mic in a figure 8 pattern to pick up the sound coming from the speakers on one side and me on the other. The Yeti is hooked up to my MBP running GarageBand '11.

    In GarageBand I generally choose Podcast, delete all but the male vocal track and make sure under "Real Instrument" I choose Podcasting and then "Male Narrator Noisy."

    So here are my questions:
    1. What's the cleanest way to get sound from my iPhone?
    2. Is the figure 8 pattern on the Yeti the most optimal pattern?
    3. Is podcasting the right choice in GarageBand or would you use "Vocals?"
    4. Is "male narrator noisy" the best choice of "instrument" in my situation?
    5. Is there a way to clean up the sound recordings in GarageBand that I've already made? Between the MP, 30" ACD and fans from the MBP there is all sorts of unwanted background noise...even turning the gain down on the Yeti.

    I'm open to anything including getting speakers and upgrading to Logic Express if it will help.

    BTW, my end goal will be to export all these files as MP3s and burn them to dvds (although with hundreds of hours of meetings that could be a huge pile of dvds) or maybe just copy them to another hard drive and give them the drive in an enclosure. Any ideas for getting them several hundred hours of audio recordings?

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