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    ★ Featured in the ‘What's Hot’ section of the United Status, Japan, Canada, Russia,Hong Kong, Tai Wan, China Business App Store
    ★ Supports English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.
    With so much to do, schedules to keep and appointments to make,we all need reminders to help us remember the things we have to do. Voice Reminders does exactly that, except voice reminders give you the power to make reminders for your unique schedule by simply speaking your reminder needs. Plus, forget boring default message sounds! With Voice Reminders, you use your own voice to record reminders, saving you time from typing and customizing your own alerts.
    Everyone could use a personal assistant to help remind us of important things (deadlines, meetings, or if someone else is expecting you to get something done?). With Voice Reminder, you can quickly record voice reminders, set the time/date and you’ll automatically be alerted for your specific reminder. Everything is set and ready even if the app is closed -just as effective as a personal assistant but a lot cheaper.
    Are you always forgetting family birthdays and occasions? With Voice Reminder, just use the repeat function and you’ll always be prepared with that present or card. The Voice Reminder app will help remember anything! Both your personal and professional life can be organized with out any worries.
    Never miss a reminder again! Pressed for time and didn’t get to listen previous voice reminder setting? Not a problem, take it easy and set the snooze function, your reminder will be repeated until you complete your task and turn it off.
    **************** What does user say ******************
    ★★★★★Not an organize person By Hehe znsjdnshs
    This application is God send for someone like me who is not a big schedule person. Easy on the go- easy to remind. It's like having mom with you at all times!!!
    ★★★★★Brilliant app By formula53
    Excellent app for reminding you about things- really great UI - will find this really useful - once opened the shake to record/stop is a stroke of genius
    ************************************************** *****
    Simplest application to be used remember something, and will alert you at the time you set efficiently.(Just 3 steps to flow)
    1. Open application and click big start button(or shake iPhone ) to record a reminder, using your voice.
    2. Set the time & date when you want to be reminded.
    3. Save and close the application.
    ☑ Local push notification, no need to have application running to be reminded, remind like calendar.
    ☑ Unlimited record time and best voice quality.
    ☑ Send emails to your friends or employees with your voice(Reminder).
    ☑ Passcode lock
    ☑ Quick to add a reminder: shake to start and stop a record.
    ☑ Easy repeat reminders
    No other application needed. Never forget another birthday! Always remember and be on time to your weekly Monday morning conference… Just 3 three easy steps.
    ☑ Backup audio file to your PC and Drop-Box easily
    ☑ Select any amount of time prior to reminder, so you can prepare.
    ☑ Reminder sounds are customized by you.
    ☑ Snooze function, makes sure no reminder is missed.
    ☑ Fastest way to set alert, time and date (just talk into phone)
    ☑ Great user interface, just like your record machine in your home.That's so kind.

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmZRIHfEoSk
    Download here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id399341058?mt=8
    Download free version: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id396302071?mt=8

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    Voice Reminder V3.1.1 has ready for sale, you can download it and please feel free to give us advice

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