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Jan 29, 2005
Sydney, Australia

Could anyone help me with this conundrum?

I record my 2 hour university lectures on my PB using the Word Notebook option in Office 2004. I just do it through the internal mic. I then export the file as an mp3 and load it onto my iPod. I then listen to the file on my iPod and type it up in Word.

The quality of the mp3 files is ok but you have to crank the volume up.

Why do I put it on the iPod? Because I find it easier to quickly pause, rewind and fast forward on the iPod then in iTunes.

It is such a time consuming process that I gave up. So is there any voice recognition software that could help me out.

I.e. have the voice recognition sofware listen to the mp3 file that I export from Word (don't know if that is possible) and reproduce it in words? So then I wouldn't have to do anything!

Does such a magical piece of software exist? or do I need to hire a secretary to do it for me? :)


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Feb 6, 2006
I am also looking for good voice recognition software for the Mac.

I can tell you that you will need good clear input, either with a mic on the lecturer or a shotgun mic.


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May 18, 2004
the two programs I'm aware of are IBM ViaVoice and iListen

ViaVoice requires training the program by reading aloud a series of documents.....i doubt your prof is willing to do that for you! Never tried iListen so cant say more than I know it's available


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Jan 10, 2006
inlimbo said:
Does such a magical piece of software exist? or do I need to hire a secretary to do it for me? :)
i think you may end up getting stuck with the latter, unfortunately.

i've tried most every commercial voice recognition software out there and they've all left much to be desired. frankly i just don't think the technology is there yet. the only thing that seems to have been perfected so far is the ability to recognize simple one-word commands and such. which are mostly used on cell phones and pdas (or in os x, if you so desire).

i'd say it's gonna be another decade before we'll be able to turn lo-res dictation mp3s into actual text.