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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by patchouli, Feb 10, 2013.

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    We bought a new router recently, a new AE. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not intelligent at all about networks.

    -First, we have Cable internet.

    -Then, our house has Primus VOIP, meaning our homephone works through the internet and not through the phone lines.
    -Primus provides us with a 'Linksys VOIP Phone Adapter with Router', and it must be directly connected to the cable modem. It is a cheap little thing, and I don't have a choice about using that. That Linksys is then attached to the new AE which I purchased new a few weeks ago.

    -The internet has to go to the Voip-box first, or the phones won't work, so please don't suggest that I change it to first go to the AE.

    -The AE is connected directly by wire to my PC. Works fine, never goes down.

    -We have a bunch of devices that want to get their internet wirelessly from the AE.

    I dont' know how to set up my son's laptop to get connected to our wireless network. He's had it since Christmas, and the only time he can go online is when he can connect to a neighbor's wireless network. I'm so frustrated! During the setup, it asks questions I dont' know the answers to. I really feel like such a dunce!

    Now I have a friend who's trying to help me out with something for work, and he's trying to use 'remote desktop', but he can't get onto my PC, even when I send him an invitation to assist.

    Can anyone help?
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    Have you installed the Airport Utility software on your computer to configure the AE?

    You need to install that (get it from Apple's web site) then run the application. Go to the wireless section like in my screenshot and where mine says "Home", just name your wireless network whatever you want. Select WPA2 for wireless security, then enter a password you want. Set it up just like in my screenshot. Now click update at the lower right.

    Once the settings are applied and the router restarts you should be able to see the network name from wifi devices and select it then enter your password.


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