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Original poster
Oct 7, 2016
I've wanted to use Volta to limit the processor power to make my MBA 2015 a little cooler and less loud under load. Works perfectly (no undervolting).

But in Catalina, the app itself uses almost 100% CPU power which is kind of self defeating. The app developer has yet to respond to my mail, but given what I've read on the net, it seems unlikely there will be an update.

I know about voltage shift, but I think it cannot do what Volta does, only undervolting as the name suggests.
Any alternatives out there?



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May 29, 2018
Hey! I know this is an old thread but I have found a workaround for Volta. I am using AppPolice (You can find it on GitHub) to limit the CPU usage of the Volta process that's causing issues. However, you will have to use terminal to launch AppPolice with root permissions. If you do not then the process will not show up since it is a root process.
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