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    Let me begin by saying that I am completely aware of what the switch above the external volume controls does, and this is not causing the issue.
    Randomly my iPad decided to stop playing sounds. The music app, videos, YouTube, movies online, etc all are silent. When I press the volume controls the speaker appears but no volume bars show up beneath it. When viewing videos online there is no on-screen volume control. When I bring up the dashboard by double clicking the home button, I swipe to the right and the portrait lock, brightness, iPod controls, a blank bar where the volume control should be and a shortcut to the Music app appear. The mute button that can be toggled by setting the switch above volume to portrait lock instead of mute doesn't do anything, even when mute is deactivated it still will not play sounds. Oddly enough, when I go to settings and adjust the volume there, it plays a marimba. I'm perplexed as to why this is happening. Any ideas? Resets, restores and gentle prayer haven't worked either, and where I live (a college town hours from Toronto) there isn't an apple store to take it for replacement so I'm in quite the pickle.

    tl;dr iPad 2 randomly refuses to play any sounds regardless of various settings changes and restores.
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    my first question that wasn't covered in your post would be does it play sound if you plug in headphones?
    is it JB?
    it seems that if you've tried to reset, restore, etc and it is across multiple apps that a trip to the genius bar is about all that is left to you.
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