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Discussion in 'macOS' started by brentg33, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Hi all,
    yesterday i decided to run the version of Tech Tools Deluxe that comes with Applecare. My MBP failed the Volume Structure test. I restarted and ran the MBP of the bootable TTD disk, and was not able to fix the issue....i then decided to boot of the Leopard install disc and use disk utility. it finally fixed the issue....i forget the specifics of the issues it found....something like there was one less file than expected and had to look in the lost+found directory...after that fix both TTD and Disk Utility said the drive was good...anyways...my question, how does stuff like this happen? and are there ways as a user to prevent this? i guess i ran the TTD because i was noticing some perfomance issues....but i would like, if possible, to not have to keep running test being paranoid that this could just happen again.
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    My advice is to ignore TechTool Deluxe. It was a useful app in the System 7 - Mac OS 9 days, but it doesn't really offer anything new nowadays.

    About once a month I use Disk Utility to verify my root partition and check permissions. I'd recommend you do the same. If the filesystem check fails, just boot off of some external media and use Disk Utility to fix it.
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    ok, thanks.....but what is the usual cause for this kind of error?

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