Voxer app is draining battery

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    Dec 15, 2008
    My friend and I have determined that the Voxer app is draining the battery of our iphones. It seems once you send a message with Voxer and shut down the app and remove it from the background it still leaves a process running in the background that drains the battery.

    The process is left running only if you send a message and then completely remove the app from the background. Just running the app and then shutting it down completely removing it from background does not drain battery.

    You can check this by the following steps.

    1) Remove all apps from background
    2) Launch Voxer and send a message to somebody (don't have them respond to you for best test)
    3) Completely shut down app and remove from background
    4) Reset battery usage by charging iphone for 5 seconds or so. Battery usage/standby should be 0/0
    5) Unplug iphone from charger
    6) Put iphone in sleep mode.
    7) Wait X minutes. (use 3-5 minutes)
    8) Check your battery usage/standby. It will say X/X where X is the same.

    Usage should be 0 at this point because you just put it to sleep.

    Hope they fix this.
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    Mar 25, 2013
    My friends and I are heavy Vover users. It's always been a battery drain on iOS and Android. Not sure why but it kills the battery. We've used Voxer for 3+ years now.
  3. Mrfatboy, Dec 15, 2014
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    Once voxer receives/ sends a message that's when the battery starts draning. You can run the app and do nothing and battery won't drain.

    Once you send/ receive a message AND even remove voxer from the background the battery still drains.

    There must be some process left over still running.

    Background app refresh is off.

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