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    Jan 3, 2002
    I was reading on a thread here about installing VPC on a partition using it as a Finder.

    I tried to to this but it completely did not work. Here is what I did, can someone show me the faults?

    VPC 5
    OS 9.2.2

    Formated a 12GB drive as MacOS Extended
    Booted up onto that drive in OS 9
    Installed VPC
    Copied over a disk image
    Configured VPC to run the disk image
    Deleted all Control Panels bar Apperence
    Deleted all Extensions
    Deleted the Finder
    Copied the VPC app to the system folder
    Renamed VPC to "Finder"
    Opened ResEdit
    Changed the Creator of VPC to "MAC" and the Type to "FNDR"

    This started booting OS9 but bombed when it went to load the Finder
    Also, when I open VPC it tells me that it can not play sounds.
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    Jan 3, 2002
    To those who came from Software rumors.... SORRY.... I know SO many people know the answer to my problem but no one was helping when I had it as a Mac Help question only.

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