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    So I recently setup a Mac mini with Mavericks Server to basically share files between a group of people. It is not the only server on the network, with the other being a Win2008 Server. It does all the DHCP, DNS, Exchange, Sharing, etc. for all the PCs.

    So the issue is when I'm on the Local network I can connect to the Mac share simply with smb://servername/sharename. When I connect via VPN however I cannot connect with names, but need to use servers IP address. I entered the correct DNS Server IP and Search Domain in VPN Client settings as well. The search domain is simply servername.local if that makes a difference.

    Currently I only have the File Sharing and VPN enabled on the Mac server. Is there any other settings I need to get shares to work over VPN with names?
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    You need to create Bonjour beacon over VPN: For AFP:

    ssh -L 54800: -N user@VPN-IP-OF-SERVER -g &
    trap "kill $!" SIGINT SIGHUP SIGTERM
    dns-sd -P "name of share you want to see in Finder" _afpovertcp._tcp local 54800 localhost.local. YOUR_LOCAL_IP

    This way, you at least see it in Finder as Bonjour share ...

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