VPN between home and iPad does not work on work Wi-Fi?

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    I am trying to create a VPN on my Mac that I can access from my iPad in a remote location (work.) I have been using "iVPN" on the Mac to "distribute" the home Mac's Internet connection to the iPad. I have everything set up right and the VPN works fine and the iPad connects fine, just not when I am work, where I want it to work. The iPad tells me that it cannot connect to the VPN. I believe my work blocks VPN ports (1701, 1723 etc) I can do a google search from the iPad on the work WiFi so the connection is ok, but I believe those ports are blocked. If I connect the iPad to a restaurant's wifi for example, the VPN connects fine. What client can I use to create my own VPN at home where I can use a standard port like port 80 or something that is not blocked at work so that I can connect to the VPN from work?

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    Your work network has probably been setup to block VPN access...purposely...to keep employees from visiting specific sites.

    Do they block anything else such as the common webmail sites?

    Why do you need to access the VPN? There may be another non-VPN solution.
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    They do not block those sites. The current connection is unreliable.

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