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    Hi, as many of you will know, there are many country specific services available on the internet. Well, my mum has gone to an island in Greece for the winter and is feeling rather lonely and bored so i thought I would try and set up a VPN network from her home in the UK so that she may access UK content (mainly teleivision and media - Zattoo, iPlayer etc...).

    Any idea how I can go about doing this just using the router, i.e. without it being necessary for the UK computer to be on all the time?

    I have a netgear and a Linksys wrt54g at my disposal...
  2. ramases macrumors member

    Jan 14, 2008
    With your current routers I don't believe that you can achieve what you want to do.

    Most home routers only support VPN passthru where the host machine will "dial out" through the router to the VPN tunnel end point. You need a router that will allow VPN "dial-in" or VPN remote access. The kind of routers that support this are the £140+ routers like Vigor 2820 or netgear fvg318 firewall (which also needs a separate DSL modem).
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    Jan 8, 2009
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    For vpn server to rely on a router and go using the cheapest method, you would need a DD-WRT capable router and load up one of their custom firmwares that contain OpenVPN.

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