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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by kamran1998, Oct 19, 2014.

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    May 14, 2014
    Irvine, CA

    I am planning on purchasing a VPN firewall so the WAN port would be connected to my modem and the LAN port would be connected to my Airport Extreme.

    So, which VPN service do you recommend that can handle all the traffic that goes through my VPN Firewall? My current down and upload speed is 200 MBPS so I don't want my speed to be reduced, I live in Orange County so perhaps a company with a local server would be better. Also, do you recommend any VPN firewall that will be compatible?

    Also, I want the ability to access the VPN on other device so I can access my home network via VPN on my laptop at work, airport, etc...

  2. mvmanolov macrumors 6502a

    Aug 27, 2013
    i don't know of any service that can match that speed. at best you get about 30-40mbps

    also VPN firewalls that can do that kind of speed in VPN mode would be very expensive...

  3. Donna bo, Oct 19, 2014
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    Oct 19, 2014
    Vpn at 200mbs linespeed

    VPN firewalls do exist that can handle this, but as mentioned these are not $100 specials. For example juniper srx240 is the lowest that meets your requirements. Also, you could research Linux solutions as they may be able to handle it.

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