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    As i travel a lot i m looking for a good VPN provider. Would love one where no extra programms are needed to install and preferably an advertisment free one not like HotspotShield ....
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    If you have an iMac or Mac Mini at home with broadband internet, I would highly recommend iVPN.

    You can use Mac OS X's native VPN client to securely connect to a VPN connection you set up a home. Your home Mac becomes a VPN server and all internet traffic from your MacBook Air or iPhone will be encrypted and protected for you and any family/friends you want to connect through your home ISP.

    Mac OS X natively has a VPN server, but there's no GUI for it unless you have Mac OS X Server. iVPN adds that GUI and lets you easily configure it. After that, all you have to do is enable port forwarding to your home Mac (simple instructions on their website).

    I'm sure you trust your own internet connection at home. And if don't want to pay for a monthly fee or go to a third-party service, this is the best way to go.


    I bought this and I'm inside my home network on my iPhone 4 and my MacBook Air with no additional software or app to install.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am in a similar situation, I would like to access my home network remotely. Fortunately my ISP have provided me with a fixed IP address.
    My question is where is this fixed IP address entered in the iVPN configuration? I could not see it in either iVPN or easyVPN. I may have a mental block on this one, but assume that I will need to put this IP address in my client to access my server?
    The configuration is as follows: Airport Extreme to Broadband Hub on fixed IP address, and all other computer under the 192.168.xxx.xxx internal subnet.

    Much appreciated in advance.
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    Yes, you will need to put your static IP into your client to access your VPN server. No, you don't need to enter it anywhere in iVPN/easyVPN.

    You should assign the Mac running iVPN a static IP in your 192.168.xxx.xxx range (but outside the range given out by DHCP). For example, if you are giving out via DHCP, assign your Mac In your Airport Extreme/router forward the following ports to your Mac (

    Then turn iVPN on with the appropriate PPTP or L2TP choice depending on which ports you forwarded.

    On your client, access it via the static IP given to you by your ISP. Your router will receive the request on the ports you forwarded and forward it to your Mac running iVPN and the VPN connection will be established.
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    Thank you very much for the reply, will give it a try tonight.

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