VRAM showing higher than expected and RAM lower than expected

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Hustler1337, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I Currently have an Early 2011 15" MBP (2.0Ghz i7) with 4gb installed RAM and an AMD Radeon 6490M GPU (which is 256MB). I thought i'd have a look on the System Requirements Lab website to check how badly Battlefield 3 would run (if at all on my machine). To my surprise, the report shows that I have 1.1GB of VRAM instead of 256MB and 2.1 GB of RAM instead of 4.

    This has got me confused as to how much ram the gpu actually has. I have always believed it to be 256MB, and indeed this is exactly what is shown on the Apple website, the box, and the website I bought it off. Am I getting a bit too excited that my MBP has, or is capable of 1GB vram performance?

    Note: I have run FIFA 12 on the MBP at high settings and it plays at a decent (maybe slightly slow) frame rate which I was quite surprised, hence why I am somehow beginning to believe vram is actually higher than expected.

    Second issue is to do with ram. Again, the official specs of the machine is 4GB, but why does Windows say that only 2.1GB is available out of the 4?

    I am sure there are simple explanations for this. My main focus on seeking help is with the vram. Is the System Requirements Lab website providing incorrect system information or is my ram actually higher than the official 256mb?

    Sorry to sound a bit paranoid, would appreciate if anyone could clarify. ;)
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    That site doesn't work correctly with Macs. There are numerous topics on the same subject here.
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    Regarding the ram:

    You have 32 bit windows.

    Regarding the vram:

    Windows uses your system ram for shared vram.
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    I tried to pm you but you don't have that option. I'd liek to know if you were able to run bf3 on your macbook as I have the same macbook as you.


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