[VZW] How To Track Pre-Order by Reference

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kalub92, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Sep 12, 2014

    1.) Go to: http://www.ups.com/WebTracking/track?loc=en_US&WT.svl=PriNav

    2.) Click "Track by Reference"

    Shipment Type: Package
    Reference Number: LocationCode_0000OrderNumber (i.e. N112843_000089300)
    Shipment Date Range: 08/20/14 to 09/18/14 (Manually type a future date into the last date box. Verizon somehow future-dated their shipments...and UPS won't let you click on future dates on the calendar)
    Shipper Account:Leave Blank
    Destination Country: Select country iPhone is being shipped to.
    Destination ZIP/Postal Code: Full ZIP code (xxxxx-xxxx)

    4.) Click "Track"!

    This worked for me and I'm fairly sure it only works with UPS, but give FedEx a try if you must. :)

    Note: If 09/18/14 doesn't work and it seems like your iPhone won't come on release day, try other future dates or even today's date. You never know... It may work!
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    Mine states a label has been created but nothing else, says next day air for 9/19 delivery so hopefully I will see where it's coming from tonight or early tomorrow

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