vzw iphone4 needs system restore but unknown error prevents it

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  1. nodogkisses macrumors newbie

    Feb 7, 2011
    I really need help. My iphone screen is all black with a white apple in the center of it. I tried to turn off/on with the button at the top to no avail. I held it down for awhile. This all started when I went onto itunes and had my phone hooked up to my laptop (windows 7) and it was updating from the phone to the computer. Then, on came a window that said I needed to update my software so I clicked the download now button for the updated ios. It appeared to be updating. I left the room and upon my return, it tell me that it was unsuccessful and I needed to do a systems restore. This irritated me since the phone was four hours old, but I hit on system restore and it appeared to be restoring and now it says that it was unable to do the restore due to an unknown error. I tried rebooting the laptop with the phone unplugged, Tried the restore again. Same error,. I want to cry. Is there anyone that can help me? Thanks so much.
  2. AnotherBrian macrumors regular

    Jun 29, 2010
    Is there a Apple Store near you

    Do you have a Apple Store near you, that's what I would try. I know it's not on sale until the 10th in stores but I do believe they keep replacements in the store or maybe they can get it to update on a mac.
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    Mar 9, 2010
    Hey nodog, the same thing happened to me. I JUST got my Verizon iPhone today and I was so happy, then I updated it in iTunes and boom, it put me in recovery mode and wouldn't let me get out. I tried a few times, then tried another computer that I have upstairs that happens to have the most recent iTunes. For some reason, that computer was able to complete the restore even though my other computer couldn't, and it applied the 4.2.6 update. So try that out if you can. Also, I found this site on Apple's support website. Good luck my man.

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