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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lockerc18, Sep 27, 2016.

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    Here's a question... I have an iPhone 6+, 64GB, in perfect condition. I can use the current VZW promo to trade that in and get the $650 toward a new iPhone7.

    But, of course I've been reading all the rumors about the iPhone8 (assuming there is a spiffy new iPhone8 next year and not just a spec bump iPhone7S), and that sounds like the next phone I want. So, getting locked into this promo for the next two years isn't ideal.

    No one knows if the rumors will come true. But suppose they do, and suppose I can't help myself this time next year, and I decide to trade in my iPhone7. I know I'd have to pay for the remaining half of the iPhone7 promo.

    I'd be surprised if there were no promos for the iPhone8 next year. If there aren't any, then is it logical to assume that I could trade in my iPhone7 and recover some (maybe all) of the remaining promo price with that? I checked the trade in value on VZW for my 6+ and they will give me a whole $39.60 for it, so I'd guess the VZW trade value for the iPhone7 wouldn't be enough to cover the remaining 2016 promo cost. I could sell it on Craigslist or someplace, I know, but ugh on that.

    If there is a promo for the iPhone8, who knows what the specifics of what it would be, but I don't know how much sense it would make to cover the cost of the iPhone7 promo residual with that or even to give the iPhone8 away for "free" like the iPhone7.

    My goal is to get the iPhone7 for "free" (or thereabouts) and then get the iPhone8 for "free" by using tradeins to cover the iphone7 promo residual and then using a similar promo to get the iPhone8 for free, too.

    How delusion is all this?
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    Do you have another phone that you haven't mentioned? You will have to pay off the remaining half of your iPhone 7 pmts, if you sell your iPhone 7 to recoup those costs, you no longer have a phone to trade in for the hypothetical iPhone 8 deal... or you can payoff the remaining half of your 7, eat that cost, and trade in the 7 for the hypothetical iPhone 8 deal... but not both unless there is another phone in the mix...

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