VZW or AT&T?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 3282868, Sep 22, 2014.

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    Was an AT&T customer for years, back when it was Cingular. I left after they throttled my unlimited data plan from Oct '11 - Feb '12 (never went over 2GB's a mo). Now on a VZW family share plan but not been happy (travel overseas a lot, AT&T has a better international program/rates and other issues).

    I'm considering switching, but am torn.

    Pro's: VoLTE
    Better LTE coverage

    Con's: Horrible International Rates/Plans
    VoLTE speeds seem to be slower than 3G for many (still early though)
    Terrible Customer Service
    Tons of "extra's" popping up

    Pro's: GSM Voice+Data - 4G, not LTE, but seems faster than VZW's VoLTE
    Best International Plans
    Con's: Abysmal LTE coverage

    I've found both carriers to be fairly equal with dropped calls, my concerns are international rates, VoLTE on VZW, AT&T's LTE commitment.

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    None of the above..

    Cricket 10 gigs of data for $55
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    US>FL>Miami/Dade>Sunny Isles Beach>Condo
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    If you travel alot, then you should know about prepaid sims in other countries. Why not go that route?
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    How's T-Mobile in your area? If it's good, go for that. I'm on a family plan paying $16 a person for unlimited minutes, text, and data (LTE speed only up to 1GB, but unlimited LTE is only $30 more). Have to buy phones at full price but the monthly cost is so low that it's more than worth it.

    As for international plans, T-Mobile simply gives you unlimited international 3G data for free in 100+ countries. Just went to Europe with T-Mobile and it just plain worked the whole time. No overages when I got back. It was wonderful.
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    I do, but as a work phone it's cumbersome to have multiple numbers based on country. I travel to Germany, Amsterdam, the U.K. and South Africa quite a bit for work. That means juggling numerous numbers that my clients must have (T-Mobile for Germany, O2 for the UK, etc). Maintaining my U.S. number is much simpler and cheaper through AT&T. Otherwise, I could get another phone and use that overseas.

    Verizon and AT&T have equal service at home, work, just about anywhere. We have 5S devices worth $305 for trade-in, so I may pay full price for off-contracts 6's. I read that VZW iPhone's are unlocked out of the box, I thought it required ~45 days good standing before unlocking. What's the truth to that?

    Also read VoLTE on VZW data speeds are very slow, but that could be based on rollout and will improve with time.

    No idea about their coverage where I live, but I do know after the AT&T merger fell through, they've invested a lot of money to improve their infrastructure over the next 1-2 years. As the only other GSM carrier in the State's, I've been tempted but dismissed it since many seem to have very different experiences with their service.

    One last question I think I know the ans to already: Can an unlocked VZW iPhone be used on another carrier? The hardware is exactly the same (GSM/CDMA/LTE/etc), which means this would be carrier policy?

    And thanks everyone, I'm doing this today so forgive my long posts and questions! :) Greatly appreciate the help!

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