W3690 and 5,1 memory question(s)

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by dbnoho, Oct 29, 2014.

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    Actually, I have a two questions. So, I'll start with the quick and easy one. I just got this 2009 Mac Pro and have already flashed it to 5,1. So, hurray for the easy part. Now, without doing anything else can I buy 1333 memory and install it right now with the original 2.66 quad still inside. Or do I need to change the CPU to either a w3680 or w3690 first before the 1333 memory is usable.

    Second, is this the same as a "w3690" that I can use in my computer? If it is, I was considering buying this system, hacking it apart and selling the pieces to more or less recoup some of the cost. The average w3690 goes for around $300 and the average w3680 goes for $230. I know everyone says it's only a 5% difference but I figure, why not get the best one now if it's not that much more just so I don't have to sit and think. Wonder if this would encode video faster if....


    Thanks everyone, I need to get this computer up to snuff soon. I had a Maxed out 2006 Mac Pro that would more or less run circles around this one in every area. So, hopefully after a few updates I won't be thinking that anymore.

    And lastly, just for kicks. I am thinking of going 2x8 on the memory. I'm not sure if I'll need more than 16 gigs in the near future, but I can always add another 16. Is this right or should I just say F it, throw it on another credit card and get 1x16 with the knowledge that I can also add from there. Not cost effective. So, scratch that, I'll go with the 2x8 as I'm fairly certain anything else just sits.
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    Answers in Red above.

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    Yes, you can.


    Yes, exactly the same CPU.


    Correct, you can always add another 16G (2x8G) later. However, it may cause your RAM dorp 1-2% real world performance (depends on the software you use) because of the triple channel CPU architecture. If you are not even sure you need 16G or above. Start with 2x8 is good enough, and you can go for 3x8 later on. Not necessary jump from 16G to 32G.
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