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Mar 18, 2011
Shanklin, Isle Of Wight
Hi all,

I'm currently on the bench with deciding between the W5590 or X5677. There is a seller that I've found that can sell a pair of w5590's for £84. I can't seem to see anywhere (Apart from China) that has the 5677's at a decent price.

Would it really matter that much if I just went for the 5590's over the 5677's? I spend a lot of time on MS Flight Simulator X which only really takes in clock speed and a single core. I currently have a dual 2.4ghz machine.

Who ever has had both, what one would you recommend and why? Would it be worth waiting for a decent supplier for the 5677's?

Pro's and cons of deciding with the 5590 over the 5677?


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Oct 13, 2014
Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
As far as i can tell it would depend on pricing... if that would be the same i would choose the X5677 just because their a bit faster... +-5%, if the pricing difference would just 5% i would think its worth it, but as far as i can see, that won't be the case.


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Nov 23, 2012
I've used them both, the X5677 is faster and runs cooler. I'm glad I made the change!

W5590 Geekbench.jpg X5677 Geekbench.jpg

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