WackoBirds for iPad - Fun and Challenging with a Unique Gameplay!!

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    An arcade/puzzle game with a very unique gameplay in a beautifully painted world. This free app utilizes the iOS superb gesture controls (swipes and taps) to create a fun, challenging and unique game experience. Swipe your finger to create paddles, barriers, slopes, and anything else you can draw to help your WackoBirds to complete its tasks!

    The beautiful WackoLands have been taken over by the tyrannical Vultures. Help the WackoBirds free their caged friends and liberate the WackoLands from the control of the Vultures. Oppressed, robbed and imprisoned in their once free lands, a small group of WackoBirds is determined to fight back! Join the WackoBirds in the fight to restore the freedoms and liberties they once enjoyed. Complete increasingly difficult levels and rise in rank, as you too become a proud WackoBird!

    Key features:
    • 5 WackoLands with 90 levels
    • Innovative gameplay
    • Beautiful graphics
    • Power ups
    • Collect Golden Eggs to unlock new WackoLands
    • 3 speed modes – Normal Mode, Lightning Mode, Beast Mode
    • Easy to learn, hard to master
    • New and challenging obstacles in each WackoLand
    • Continue level play utilizing accumulated Wacko Bird Coins
    • Integrated Twitter and Facebook capabilities

    WackoBirds (Free) is available for now on the App Store and you can read more about it at my website WackoBirds.

    Download Now for FREE!

    Love to hear your FEEDBACK!

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    New Update!

    Great new update just released! Check it out.

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