Wacom tablet size?


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Oct 17, 2006
Lubbock, TX
OK, so I am confused about something and I need some help (hence, the post...). Ok so I want a Wacom tablet, but I am confused about what size I really need. I currently have dual 17 inch CRT's, but I am going to upgrade to dual 19 inch widescreen LCD's by the end of the year. Does that even really matter? I am looking at the Intuous3 line and the price really isn't much of a concern (gotta love christmas presents!). The only problem is, I have NO CLUE what size I really need. I want it for photo work, and some graphics work as well. Thanks for the help.

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Mar 21, 2006
do you do any sketching or drawing on paper? If you do look at your stroke size . If its small get a small tablet, if its big get a big tablet. Also on the wacom size they have a quiz to tell you the appropriate size.


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Dec 24, 2004
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I have 4X6, 9X12, and 6X11. 4X6 is good for small desk space or with 12" acreen notebook computer. I used to use 9X12 but it is a little too big for my desk (it sticks out from my desk space); so, I just bought 6X11 which fits nicely on my pull-out tray of my computer desk.
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