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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by rw., Dec 19, 2010.

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    Dec 19, 2010
    Well first, I'm a 15 year old developer. I would greatly appreciate everyone here having a look at my app, to be honest making it, I have been through a lot. I first started developing a dashboard like copy for the iPad before the iPad was even released. I then submitted it to Apple the day after the iPad was released and of course was rejected because they did not want widget like apps in the app store. The not so kind person on the phone at Apple suggested I make it into tabs like it is in now. So I spend the next month or two re-coding the whole application to a larger screen format, re-making every image you see in this application and after 2 months of work was rejected once again. Why? Because my app did not follow the Human Interface Guidelines. I was of course extremely angered at this, because after over 4 months of trying to get just one iPad app in the app store Apple had killed my dreams twice. So eventually after changing images from ones close to Apples trademarked ones, changing the icon various times, removing certain words from my app and description which could have cause it to be rejected, I had still not gotten approved. So eventually I had given up and had stopped logging in to iTunes Connect and had not bothered with app developing for a very long time. Recently, I heard that the approval process was getting much easier. So, hearing this I submitted my app once again, only to find out the next day that my developer program enrolment was invalid because of me checking agree to the terms and agreement box when I wasn't legal to do so. Well now I was left with a to-be cancelled developer account and no app in the AppStore. Later, I had found out I would be able to be an Apple Developer as long as the account was registered and maintained by a legal guardian. So after my legal guardian re-registering for me, I submitted my app once again and it was finally approved.

    Here is a video of it in action:

    Basically, the app is a utility you have near your bed at night when you need a nice little app to fall asleep to. It has 3 amazing looking clocks: an analog clock, flip clock, and digital clock. with the clock comes a nice looking calendar displaying the date. Next there is a digital photo frame. Third, there is a very cool looking sticky note tab which has the ability to export sticky notes to a wallpaper or photo in your photo album. There is also a nice level of customization with the settings. And of course I updated the code to be 4.0 compliant and this will urn in the background.

    Also the website:

    And of course a link to it in the AppStore:

    I will very much appreciate any feedback and/or suggestions.
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    First, congratulations on developing your first app. That's an awesome accomplishment at the age of 15. The discipline that is required will serve you well the rest of your life.

    What I like about your app is it's simplicity. There's a market for simplicity. I've been involved in new product launches much of my life (53 years) and have seen many developers miss the mark, because they made a product too complex.

    I like that you persevered. Sure, you had a period of time that you shut down, but in the end, you didn't give up. That's cool!!!

    I hope the development and acceptance process goes a bit smoother on your next app. The first one is always the hardest.

    Simple is better. Apple proved that to many of us. They found a better, simpler way to use personal computers, audio devices and cell phones. Yet, they only have a small share of the overall computer market. You don't have to develop a complex app to be successful. You only need to develop an app that people find easy to use, something that meets their needs while simplifying their lives. Again, Apple did that and learned they could be successful doing it.

    I look forward to seeing your next app. Congrats!

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