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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jrobot, Nov 29, 2010.

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    Nov 29, 2010
    Hi im new to the forum and need some advice,.
    Im in the uk, was going to buy a Macbook pro 17" ,in the sale for work with a youth music project, but then stopped at the last minute because of the change to Agere Firewire chipset in the new MBP a change from the very reliable TI f`wire chipset they used to use.

    If someone can please point me in the right direction, of how to post and get some advice that would be great, i`ll give more detail. Im looking at an older model, can anyone confirm if this model has the TI Firewire chipset? its about 2 years old. MacBook Pro MB133B/A

    Cheers and thanks in advance...
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    First off, why would the firewire chipset matter? I have never heard of any problems with the current chipset, so it sounds like it's plenty reliable. Also, never buy a two year old computer, because it'll go out of date faster than you can say "Hey, the computer I just bought is junk!". The new MBPs don't have any major problems that I know of, so you shouldn't have to worry about things like the reliability of its chipsets.
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    Nov 29, 2010
    Hi thanks for the reply,
    There is quite detailed reding on some of the forums, it seems it make`s the MBP increase in cpu heat, fan is on constantly, then take the cable out and the fan cuts back off cpu temp down.
    Alot of music musicians it seems are having issues with the Agere FW Chipset running high quality audio soundcards and there is well documented info on this issue , covered by RME, germany, probably one of the best audio card producers today.
    This is only an issue with the chipset.
    I know what your saying about buying older tech, but if i can source a mint 1 for half the price maybe i might have to consider that for now and look towards 2011 MBP and see if FW even remains on a new MBP who knows..your thoughts.?

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