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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by monroepq, Mar 31, 2007.

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    I've been interested in selling my macbook and getting a macbook pro but would it be worthwhile to wait for the next revision? In other words will there be anything more to it besides a power jump or more ram? Maybe more hard drive space? And if the battery life is better how much better will it be, I'm the kind of person that keeps my laptop connected to the power all the time to conserve battery life so it would have to be quite an improvement. Would you guys say to expect the new macbook pro before mid-May, or later?
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    the santa rosa platform, what everybody seems to be waiting for, is tracking to come out in may. that said, a lot of people will tell you new macbook/macbook pros will surely come out then. but apple might not be such a quick adopter; apple waited nearly two months to roll out core 2 duo macbook pros after the first core 2 duo computers launched. nobody here can tell you with absolute certainty when they'll debut. may would be nice, but i'm thinking june/july is more probable.
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    It's a risk either way, and the decision to wait basically comes down to how happy you are with your current setup, what the benefit will be by buying now, and what the benefit could be from waiting.

    I don't know what you currently have, but sure the Santa Rosa sounds good but it won't change your life if you know what I'm saying - somewhat higher processor and bus speeds basically. And you don't know exactly what it will have, when it will come out, or how it will be priced.
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    I'd wait. You never know what will come out when the new MBP ships. A lot of people are hoping for a new look, magnetic latches, and hard disk drives that are replaceable without divine intervention.

    If you already have a C2D MacBook, I wouldn't sell it for the same revision MBP, since they're very similar machines.

    I'd wait for Leopard, and the new MBP revision. Of course, if you feel you need it, then buy it.

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