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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by clipsedsm95, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Hey guys i've been going crazy waiting for the haswell RMBP 15 to come out already but it is just taking too long. I need suggestions I will list options and my needs give me some recommendations guys thank.

    [Option 1] Have only 1 Computer, Wait for new RMBP (Customized) options I would choose would be 2nd choice in CPU speed. 16GB RAM, Highest Dedicated Graphics and 256GB SSD. which would be roughly around ($2500)

    [Option 2] Have 2 Separate Computers, Buy i7 1.7/3.3 Haswell Macbook air 8GB RAM 256GB SSD ($1479) & X51 R2 AlienWare i7 Quad Core 3.9 Haswell, 16GB RAM, 1TB 7200, GeForce GTX 670 2GB VRAM ($1398) Total about ($2877)

    I use it for a lot of photography editing and RAW file rendering. I use LightRoom and Photoshop. I do use iMovie but not enough for it to matter I do play Games such as WOW here and there but my goal is smooth LightRoom editing.

    Please feel free to put down suggestions or any changes you believe I should do to my Choices thank you!
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    Well let's be honest. For what you currently need to do, the current-gen 15" rMBP will more than suffice.

    However, when you buy it, the updated rMBP with better battery life, PCIe Flash and bumped specs will be released shortly afterwards. And you'll kick yourself because you could've just waited.

    So if you really need to get your laptop for work rather than to boost your e-peen, buy it now. If that's not something you're willing to do, wait for the update. The rMBP will be updated by the end of this year, that's almost definite.
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    There is no harm in waiting :p

    And I personally would prefer 1 laptop that fits all my needs rather than have 2 for separate uses. But thats just me
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