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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by cclloyd, Jun 11, 2012.

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    So there is no retina 13"? Using past patters, might there be one later?

    And so the new retina MBP will cost as much as a 17" baiscally? I won't be able to buy it at the current 15" price of $1799?

    After all that, for moderate-light gaming, photo editing, HD video, and lots of airplay, would I be better off with the 13" current one, or (since I wouldn't settle for a less than awesome 15") the new 15"?
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    Jun 26, 2010
    Eventually yes the retina line will completely replace the standard MacBook pros but that will probably a year or two down the line. The 15 inch model will be a lot better for gaming with the nVidia graphics so it depends on how "moderate" your gaming is, everything else the 13" would be fine and I agree I wouldn't be able to stomach buying a non retina 15" now
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    A year or two as in by around this time next year (When I graduate and get a new mac as a gift :p)

    Moderate-light gaming for me:
    -No FPS like CoD or anything like that
    -civilization series
    -Portal 2
    -Assassins creed maybe
    -Emulators (easy peasy right? Even gamecube?)
    -Probably a lot of game center games
    -Lord of the Rings Conquest

    And yea. Just knowing that there is a better option of my exact model would stay in the back of my mind. Also since I'm very visually oriented, the retina display is a can't-live-without for my iPhone/iPad. I can barely stand my iPad 2 anymore :p

    Anyway, you think it could handle those games, photo editing with PS (including 3D), and streaming netflix a lot in HD? (taking about the 13")

    Edit: Also just found out that as a student, I would save $200 on the retina book pro as opposed to only $100 on the current 13" MBP.

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