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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by joshd, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. joshd macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2008
    posting this for all of you veterans of the lines in NYC: any tips on how to shorten my wait time tomorrow? :eek:

    i assume that 5th ave is the fastest line?

    what is the best time to show up?

    thanks fellas.
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    Jun 16, 2003
    Okay man... here's the deal

    I started out with my local AT&T store in Hoboken via phone. When I heard Friday 11:00 am they had only 16GB in white, I could see the writing on the wall. Never bothered getting in that line.

    Had a party going out on the Hudson in my friend's boat and decided to hit the Apple Store on 5th. Had called Paramus and got a fix there, but did not get through at midnite at the 5th Avenue store. Decided to go anyway. Big mistake.

    400 people in line as I get to the back. Apple Reps are talking to some foreigner about SSNs and I move along and see another guy pointing 30 feet behind me to start a new line there. They were calling it the 7:00 AM line. Heard here from someone on line that the system was down and people were just hurting in the interim. Saw lots and lots of people acting like lost zombies, aimlessly standing and sitting all over the place. Bizarre. I jetted immediately.

    Up at 8:00 and off back to the AT&T Store in Hoboken. Employee had said come back in the morning. They were opening at 9:00. Got there 30th in line. Employees really nice. Comes out right before opening and says just 8GBs with 16GBs delivered by 5:00 PM that day. I jetted immediately.

    Had plugged in the GCP Apple Store in my GPS. Headed to the garage to get my car. Heard a little birdy in my head say no, Short Hills Mall. Said ah no man, I already have the GPS loaded up. Relented. Shut off the Tom Tom GPS and started to Short Hills Mall Apple Store.

    Get there maybe 10 minutes to 10:00 am. I am just under 20 in the line. Apple employees have their act together here. Manager comes out and says they have only white 16GBs. I'm like great, at least they have them. Other employees come out and start speaking to folks in line, going over all the particulars with each person. Woman ahead of me is with her son. I later see her in the store and she's trying to do something on her husband's account. An Apple employee sees me looking at her when I get in awaiting mine and says, "She knows better."

    Okay so I am so ecstatic in line I'm trying not to break out in dance. Because I know even with this drawn out activation I will be in that store in due course. They start in earnest about 10 past 10:00. I get in twenty minutes later. They walk you in the store right to an employee. Get you your phone set up payment and your are good to go. They even took my $100 discount from 1st iPhone and that went through too without a hitch.

    I was in and out in an hour!

    My advice, if you have a car, just get over to Short Hills Mall relatively early. I told the manager in front of the store he had the best situation. He said I should have seen it yesterday. Well as I left the line was starting to kick in. They had gone to less than 20 at 9:45 to 50 when I left.

    But I know if folks get there after 9ish tomorrow, they will score fast.
    (I am guessing they are open Sunday.)

    Good luck!

    (Was also in Soho store later in the day to look at accessories. They had their act together there too.) I got the AT&T Casemate signature leather case which I like a lot. Apple isn't carrying it for some reason.

    Activation is really slowing things down. But I have to say they did a great job at the Short Hills Mall. I was giggling just running through the process. As it turned out they didn't need my sim from the first iPhone either.

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