wake mbp up with iphone and play itunes


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Sep 17, 2009

i am new to the forums, I got a short question.

I got the newest MBP 13" and I am thinking of getting the 3Gs iphone.

Say, I got my MBP attached to external speakers, the lid is closed and the MBP is sleeping. Now my question: will it be possible to come home, press a button on the iphone and make my mac play some music from itunes I selected on the iphone?
btw, the Remote app (by Apple) is what you can generally use to control iTunes, but I don't think you could start up your computer with it.
i have this one and it won't wake the computer...... BUT LOVE THE APP..... i have 3 airport expresses; got them for $40/pc when circuit city went under and i attach them to speakers that I can control with the app....

haven't tried the $30 one out......


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Apr 6, 2009
no one knows because there isn't one. Can logmein really wake something up, cos i doubt it. how about programming one yourself then sharing?
I was looking into LogMeIn Ignition today, because it is on sale for $20.
However, it seems like the waking issue has to do with Wake-on-LAN, and that is not always supported. The main feature that I would want from LogMeIn is turning on & off my computer from my iPhone.
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