Walked into AT&T at the Perfect Time - iPhone 3GS!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by LillieDesigns, Jul 20, 2009.

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    So 16gb iPhone's are nearly impossible to find in my area so I haven't even bothered looking since the phone launched. Today I decided to stop into AT&T as I was walking through the mall and asked if they had any in. "We're expecting a shipment today, but it isn't looking good" the nice lady behind the counter says. I decide to make some changes to my plan and as she's looking up my info the FedEx guy drops off a few brown boxes. Another employee slices open a box, pulls out a handful of iPhones and says "Oh look, we finally got one 16gb in." Ten minutes later I've upgraded from a half-dead iPhone 2G.

    Loving the upgrade - great day! :apple:
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    Jun 19, 2009
    The extra speed and better camera is such an upgrade now.
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    Congrats Lillie, you're right, perfect timing....:p:p:p
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    Nice job. Now sell off that half-dead iPhone 2G on eBay for about $200 and you'll have a nice chunk of that upgrade cost taken care of. :)

    Welcome to faster speeds.
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    And your plans for the older iPhone?
    Congratulations on your excellent timing.

    You will definitely enjoy your new phone, no doubt.
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    Quick story: I bought the original iPhone refurbished from AT&T for $150. The AT&T refurb always froze and the genius bar replaced it with a brand new one! Ended up dropping the brand new one one day when the case was off it and the vibrate function stopped working :( A buddy of mine upgraded to the 3G so he let me borrow his dying iPhone. So I had my non vibrating phone which I sold for $185 1.5 years later (woo!) and now have to give my friend back his still dying iPhone.

    Bottom line: AT&T refurbs suck, genius bar rocks, my friend is a great guy and I made $30 on a 1.5 year old broken iPhone :apple:
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    Nice! A similar thing happened to me looking for the white 16GB model. My cousin, also interested in buying an iPhone, was at the mall inquiring about the plans. Out of the blue, my cousin calls and says that they have the model. I quickly canceled me and my cousin's Apple shopping appointments, got my cash, and rushed to the mall where we both got iPhones :).

    Funny thing: later the Apple store called asking what specifically we were shopping for, but I said "It's OK, I already got my iPhone!"
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    As a 2G owner considering upgrading to a 3GS, I'd be interested in your thoughts about the differences and whether the upgrade was worth it. For me, living and working in an area where there is no 3G, I'd be interested to know if the 3GS signal strength when not in 3G service is worse/the same/better than the 2G iPhone in particular.

    My 2G iPhone is in as-new condition since it's always been in it's case, and there's barely any degradation in battery performance, so I don't feel under any pressure to upgrade unless the 3GS is really significantly better!
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    May 3, 2009
    congrats :) sometimes its better to be lucky then good and that certainly was lucky :D

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