Walking across America, need graphic assistance, please!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Bawstun, Feb 20, 2017.

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    I'll give a really short explanation and then answer and questions if there are any, but what I need should be relatively novice and easy. My problem is is that I'm limited right now to only my iPhone.

    I'm about one week, I will be starting a walk across America to help bring awareness to what I believe to be a silent epidemic of homelessness in the United States.

    I studied heavily into Alan Watts and became interested in what I really would like to do with my life. I ultimately settled on a hobby that I was passionate about: photography, but always ignored because of the monetary reasons (it potentially not being a fulfilling career in that regard). Over those two years, my mind's eye has grown a lot, but now seems sort of stalled. I want to improve my skillset in photography, while raising as much money with a GoFundMe as I can to help bring awareness t the homeless. For that I need a professional looking photo.

    What I am going for is something similar to these images, which contains one completed image of something I now hate:





    I am thinking a solid black map of the United States, with the Instagram logo either in their new rainbow color scheme or also black and white, with the thumb and the heart image somehow incorporated into it, but turned red instead of orange, as the new Instagram no longer uses that color.

    For reference, the account name which I'll be using is @towhatevercoast which is a play on words from my current account @towhateverend. My photo journaling project of this hike is called Under One Roof, as well as the accompanying gofundme, so those would definitely need to be incorporated into the image some way. I also no longer like the phrasing “to help the homeless and think “for the homeless” sounds more sincere.

    Resolution doesn't much matter, but the higher the better, seeing as it will be on my tshirts and clothing I wear as I hike, for free advertisement.

    If anyone would be willing to spend some time and help me out on this, I would be eternally grateful! Much thanks...
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    So something like this? Although the heart thing could be white as well.

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