Walking, Nike+ Sensor, and Calibration

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Over Achiever, Sep 1, 2006.

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    How accurate is it? Running seems to work fine, but when I walk, it never seems to register my steps, and underestimates from but 20-50%. Is there something wrong with the way I walk? I don't pick my feet off the ground very much. I can't even calibrate it as walking a 1 mile will only register 0.5-0.7 miles with the sensor.

    Hope this is the right forum to ask this in. Thanks!
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    reset (menu+central button) your ipod nano. then try again!
    go to settings > sensor > walk (recalibration with 400 meters). yeah hook up with nike+ipod kit dangle first. I did for running, walking last night. today I ran and walked 6 miles. when I saw graphic at nikeplus.com, it's more accurate.:)

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