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    Just thought I would share how I mounted my first gen Apple TV behind my flat screen (also wall mounted). I'm doing this not because it was difficult, but just to share something that might give someone an idea/reference.
    It was a spur of the moment thing, kinda, I remember reading about brackets that exist to mount it behind a flat screen TV a while ago and was recently mounting my TV and realized the benefit it would provide. It's a bedroom TV and there is no cable/satellite, just the AppleTV. It seemed silly to mount a TV on the wall and then have JUST an AppleTV sitting on a table. If there was a receiver, bluray player, sat box AND an AppleTV it might be worth it, but if I could just run power cords, it would be great.
    I took three extra clips used for hanging pictures that I had lying around, two allow for 5lbs each and a third for 10lbs, the AppleTV weighs 2.4lb so I'm more then covered. The two sides have a small lip that, if you bend the hooks to close to a 90 degree angle, can be used to hang on the clips.
    The issue was then how to mount it so that the IR would work. I have an iPod touch set-up as a remote but sometimes it's just easier to use the white remote. I decided to mount it so that the IR port (front) would be a couple centimetres to the right of the edge of the TV. It was basically out-of-sight unless you knew it was there. It works fine, for some reason I have to turn the remote a quarter to get it to work sometimes, not sure why, but it works from everywhere in the room, even without a direct line of sight (I think).
    It was tricky to wrap the HDMI cable around the wall mount to prevent it from being seen (it was a long cable) but that's more trial and error than anything, I wouldn't really be able to provide actual steps for that. I would suggest plugging in the HDMI and power cables before actually putting the AppleTV on the wall, it would be tough to do that after the fact. I was also lucky that my mount stuck out enough that there was enough room to put the AppleTV on the wall AFTER I hung the TV up, it made it easier to get the cables hooked up. I've since purchased one of those plastic strips to tidy up the cables coming down from the TV so for anyone out that there that cringes when they see the power cables as they are, rest assured, it's been fixed.
    So after that rambling, here are some pics. I'm actually hoping that the thing dies soon. I got the second gen AppleTV for christmas and LOVE it. Netflix is awesome, Airplay is awesome, and getting apps on there will be awesome.

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