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Sep 15, 2017
I’m looking for a wallet or sleeve I can put my phone in with a few credit cards. A detachable case would be best since I Only want to use it when I go to the store ect...

anyone know of a good choice?



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Oct 21, 2011
So Cal
I have purchased several wallets and sleeves for my 11 Pro Max and from all of them I like the Hex brand 4 in 1 the best. I really like the feel of the hard shell case and love that it is easy to insert and remove. I switch cases a lot and hate cases that are difficult to remove the phone from. The hard shell case doesn't provide a lot of screen protection, but it does extend past the screen a tiny bit. The wallet is nice in that the cards won't rest against your screen when you close the cover. I like the fact that you don’t actually need the wallet and can just attach the card holder to the back of your phone when going out.

Another suggestion is getting the Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket. Then you can use any case you already have and just throw it in the wallet when going out. You can hold cash and cards in this wallet and your phone will be very protected.
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