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Sep 18, 2014
Having installed iOS 8 on my 5s, i noticed a rather annoying bug.
(even after reset, and redownload iOS 8)

When you want to set a new wallpaper, and choose wallpaper/choose a New Wallpaper/ and then choose any picture from your photo-albums

I choose 'any of my own pics from any album. (shot with the 5s or uploaded from my Mac)

I 'Can' zoom in... but wait!?? as soon as you start to zoom in, the picture's res (which is much higher than the retina-screen of my 5s) doesn't zoom in with it?
Instead they become BLURRED/Pixelated!:eek:

On iOS 7 those large-res pics zoomed in, and stopped zooming just before they became unsharp..

But now, on iOS 8, as soon as you start to zoom-in into 'any' picture, inside the set-wallpaper setting, they become blurred/Pixelated!

--I mean Talking about 4K res and even up to almost 6K res pictures, which on iOS 7 could zoom in perfectly, and you could set parts of those pictures as your background in sharp-detail.

Also when you open those same (or any) pictures in the PHOTOS app, they DO zoom in pixel-sharp without problem...??
--but not when/where you want to set them as wallpaper..?:confused::confused:

Also noticed by:
I've noticed the same! It's pretty shocking. It means that photos shot with my 5s look awful if I want to set them as my wallpaper. :(

And here is a link to apple communities about more people noticing the same bug problem:

Does anyone else notice this? (on their 5s or any other 4inch devices ..or iPads)

Update: iOS 8.1 (23-10-2014)
Just updated to iOS 8.1 here.
Partially happy because it is 'Better' than any iOS 8 version 'yet'
--But the wallpaper bug isn't fixed. (you have to take a 2nd closer look, in oder to see it, because at first glance it seems to be fixed)

--Just take these steps-- and see..
Opening the same pictures (picture for Picture) inside the 'Pictures' and the 'Wallpaper-settings' and scale them up at the same zoomed-in size in both places, --You'll see that the one inside the wallpaper setting still seems a-bit blurry... Not overly bad, (more like PNG-like blurry style)
but also sadly not yet pixel-perfect sharp..

So 'the wallpaper' bug is still not 'completely' fixed in iOS 8.1.:(

ALSO: I did notice that choosing any picture inside the wallpaper-settings is rather slow?
--And did anyone else notice, whilst the "Camera-roll" folder has returned (replacing 'Recently Added')
If you go inside the 'Wallpaper-settings' folder menu, the "Recently Added folder is still present there, alongside the camera-roll???
---A bit 'messy' from apple i think.
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Dec 5, 2007
Yay Area, CA
Damn. I haven't changed my wallpaper since I got the iPhone 4S. Kinda bummer that my newly updated wallpaper isn't sharp at all, even though its of pixel per pixel size. At first I thought it was the low resolution on my iPad Mini but I guess its a big bug here.


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Jul 28, 2008
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Are you using icloud library?

If so could the pics be stored in optimised resolution on phone and downloading when you are zoomin?



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Sep 18, 2014
You HAVE to start saving any wallpaper used in iOS 8 as a PNG file. Found this out on my iPad.

Thanks for the tip, ..just tested it out on my iPhone 5s

It does less pixelate the images when zoomed in, but if you look closely,
they sadly still do..(you'll notice more blurriness than pixelation since its PNG-file format)
So I guess in some way using a PNG does help a bit.:)
Just don't zoom in to much with the PNG-file photo,
as the pixelation (or BLUR in this case of PNG-file format) gets obvious again.

For now this may work (in part) for some pics you/we want to use,
(but only the imported ones directly)...
When using photos shot with your iPhone, they first need to go through some export to PNG workaround..

Sadly it is just 'another' temp/partial solution to the BUG,
(but it is at least a better one i think)

---my Thx to: jonnyb098 for this :cool:
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