Wallpaper Size to Use for Multiple Resoultions?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by xomphos, Oct 9, 2010.

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    My current set up involves my 13" MacBook Pro (1280x800 res screen) hooked up to my external 1920x1080 24" monitor. I love using desktop wallpapers, but am trying to figure out a unified resolution that would match both screen resolutions since I frequently unhook my MacBook Pro and use it without the main monitor attached. I also dual-boot with Windows 7 so I have a shared partition that I have the wallpapers in. I thought I could disconnect the MacBook Pro and have a separate wallpaper for it in OS X; however, since I use it with the lid closed, when I did that, the wallpaper I had on my main monitor was used on my MacBook Pro's screen. For those of you who have a similar set up, what resolution wallpaper do you use that works without adjustment on both 1080p and 1280x800 resolutions? 1900x1200? I get a lot of my wallpapers from wallbase.net so there are a lot of resolutions on there for example.

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    If you want the same wallpaper on both displays, just use one with a resolution matching the largest one. It will scale down well on your MBP. If you want different resolutions on each, set the MBP wallpaper when not plugged into the monitor and will hold whenever unplugged.

    Hopefully I understood your question correctly.
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    Yep, thanks a lot!

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