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Discussion in 'iPad' started by WannaApple?, Sep 14, 2010.

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    Hoping someone can give me a bit of advice here. I want to buy an iPad, but there is one capability I need for work that I can't even get to work on my Macbook. I don't know if there are any hacks or workarounds that someone can advise me of and if so, I'd like to buy one.

    My job requires me to submit orders through a pdf order form that has a "submit by email" link. Even on my Macbook, I cannot get this link to work, unless I open up the pdf file on Windows. When I click this link in Windows, it automatically converts the input to a .xml file, attaches it to an email and opens up a new email message that I just hit send on and off it goes to our order department.

    So, a question....1) Is there a way to get this link/ file to work and send through email properly on any Mac product (Macbook, iPad, etc.) and/or is there any workarounds/ jailbreaks/ hacks that would enable this to work on an iPad especially? Thanks!
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    XML is not a proprietary format of Microsoft; it is an open standard from W3C.

    The part missing on the Mac (as opposed to Windows) is probably the conversion tool from PDF to XML. There are some products available for the Mac that will do this conversion but the exact conversion the target application is looking for may depend on a schema for suppling information in the XML which is not present in the PDF.
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    What you are talking about are PDF forms created with Adobe's LiveCycle Designer. Those can be set up to send data formatted as XML via email.

    However you will have to download and use the latest version of Adobe Reader (not OS X's built-in Preview) on your Mac, and it would not surprise me if things were still a bit touch and go.

    I have no idea if Acrobat's more advanced form functionality is usable at all on the iPad.
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    Thanks Darth.Titan! The download of Adobe Reader worked! Now, I dont have to open Windows everytime I need to place an order lol

    Now, if anyone else knows or can find out if Adobe and/or this plug-in will work on an iPad, please let me know before I go out and buy one. Thanks!
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    Yeah you are right, I was referring specifically to Office Open XML, I removed it from my other post to avoid confusion...

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