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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by eclipse, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I hope this is not too inappropriate and is not viewed as spam? I know that there are a lot of great web developers here, many of you Australian, and am only putting out a help request for anyone that might already be quite interested in this cause.

    The "Beyond Federation" group have a bunch of academics and Phd's in political theory ready with a bold new vision for a stronger, more democratic, more unified Australia, and yet they are not very web confident. I've been struggling to help them, and would gladly help do admin stuff once the basics were set up, but I'm terrified of backend and database management stuff.

    As you can see, their home page hardly says "join our vibrant online community". :confused:


    I've given it a go in SMF, but haven't really got the confidence to ask them to commit to it fully to develop their community in case something goes wrong with the database. I don't even know how to move this database from one server to another if my host goes out of business or something goes wrong!


    Again, I'd only require your help in setting up and database emergencies.

    I know Wordpress a bit and SMF or PHPBB forums "a bit" (enough to create new forums etc, ban troublesome members, some of that "operational stuff"). But I'm limited to quick installations using Fantastico, and grunting through BASIC CSS stuff takes me DAYS!

    So I thought, why not ask around? There's bound to be one Aussie web developer cranky enough with the duplication and waste of the State governments here in Australia where setting up a Wordpress and SMF (or PHPBB) database for such a cause is an afternoon's play! (I'm banging my head against a brick wall!)

    As I said, I don't know how to fix stuff if it breaks or to move the database to a new server. But once set up and designed, I can "fill in" the blog with all the pages of information and stuff that Dr Mark Drummond has collated, and not put you through all that.

    Just the setup and database stuff, and moving to a new server in a crisis! (but hopefully Flexihosting will be around for many years yet).

    Once the backend is done, I'd only contact you now and then if new tasks came up that I was unfamiliar with. I'd guide all the forum newbies through how to join, how to post to the forums, and all that! I'd not be asking you to moderate etc... unless you got really hooked into the movement and wanted to be a part of everything of course! ;)

    My wife is a graphic designer (not web designer at all) and can help with images and logo's and visual graphic needs.

    I've copied and pasted in their summary statements and goals below, and if you are interested could you please PM me your phone number and we'll get in touch? Cheers! :D:D

    How do do this?


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