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    Jan 19, 2012
    Hi all,

    I come to present an application that I hope will make you happy and you free up the keyboard

    VoiceToApps for iPhone / iPad SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter powered by a powerful speech recognition engine. It is very complete and I will offer for only 1$ with a recent price drop.

    ITS 99% accurate.


    The link to the application http://goo.gl/G5ECU

    Voice To Apps dictation converts voice into text perfectly that you could use later by Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or simply copy it in other apps (Doc2Go, Pages etc.).

    Voice To Apps dictation is based on a powerful processing engine and rendering of the voice in addition to its sleek design and the very many features. dictation [/ b] to manage 22 languages??:
    (French, English us English, fr, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Russian, etc ...)

    Here are some pictures

    iPad Screen:

    Pickup your language:


    Main display:


    Example email:

    GET IT HERE http://goo.gl/G5ECU
    Thank you all

    Visit our website : http://www.brothersapps.com

    I hope you enjoy the app.

    Thank You

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